All's Fair Vol. 1 Box Cover

All’s Fair Volume One is an unbound book of pictures drawn from the diary and blog, All’s Fair Photo ( Each set of 50 images comes with a card signed by the artist, a lucite stand for displaying the images, and a cloth bag to contain the set. All’s Fair is about the beauty, humor, and mystery of everyday life.


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Laura Noel is an Atlanta-based photographer and installation artist. Her work often addresses American cultural issues with an emphasis on how individuals navigate an increasingly homogeneous world. Recent projects include an extended portrait series called Smoke Break, Withdrawn, a study of discarded library books and how technology has altered basic activities such as reading, and Killing The Day, a visual diary, which is published quarterly.


Noel received a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University in 1988 and a MFA in Photography with Distinction from the University of Georgia in 2009. Her prints been featured in exhibitions at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China, the Contemporary American Photography exhibition at the Internationale Fototage Festival in Mannheim, Germany, Gallery 24 in Berlin, United Photo Industries in New York City, The Rhode Island School of Design Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Muse­um of Contemporary Art Georgia, Jackson Fine Art, Lumiere, Davis Orton Gallery in upstate New York, Gallery 1401 in Philadelphia, The Gregg Museum of Art and Design and many others. The George East­man House, The Ogden Museum, MOCA GA and many other institutions and individuals have collected her photographs.

Her photographs have appeared on-line and in print in Photography Now, Photography Quarterly, PHO­TONEWS (Germany), Slate Magazine’s Behold Photo Blog, CNN Photo Blog, Lens Culture, Planet, Art News Daily, The Humble Arts Foundation, F-Stop Magazine, One One Thousand, SouthXSoutheast, La Lettre de la Photographie, Consciencious, aCurator, Fraction Magazine and many others. In 2012, her work inaugurated Fall Line Press’ Free Fall series of quarterly magazines featuring the work of one pho­tographer. Recently, Scotland’s Aglu Books published Withdrawn, her study on discarded library books.

Noel’s artist books are in the collections of the International Center of Photography library in New York, The Houston Museum of Fine Art, The Cleveland Art Institute, The Harry Ransom Center at the Universi­ty of Texas, Oberlin College and many private collections.

Recent installations include To Do at the Spruill Gallery, The Enchanted Forest of Books on the Atlan­ta Beltline and Give/Swap/Receive at Emory University.

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