kitchen boys
kitchen boys

Eight 5 x 7 heavy-weight cards, each with the above 4 x 6 high-quality print attached to the front of the card. Blank inside and back cover.

$20 includes shipping

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My friend Andrea is a Collector Extraordinaire. Her Barbie collection is that of legend, as is her dollhouse collection. At the end of each year she decorates her early 1900s home with Barbie tableaus and dollhouses with social themes.—Nancy McCrary


Nancy McCrary has worked in publishing, design and photography most of her life. She publishes South x Southeast photomagazine, is co-director of South x Southeast Workshops, and shopkeeper of South x Southeast Shop. She now resides on her fourth-generation farm in Georgia with her 85 year-old mother, 4 rescue dogs, and Bebe, the 16 year-old one-eyed black cat.

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