80 pages, 10×10 hardcover, black and white photographs

Published October 2015

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La Louisiane Enchantée, Louisiana’s Marshes, Swamps and Rural Countrysides Through the Eyes of Three Louisiana Black and White Photographers

The Tripod, as Louisiana natives Bev Coates, Dede Lusk and Toni Goss are known in photographic circles, has traveled Louisiana’s highways and byways, cameras in hand. The minimalist coastal wetlands, the mysterious swamps and the rural countrysides draw these photographers into areas rarely seen by tourists and native Louisianans alike. La Louisiane Enchantée, “enchanted land of Louisiana,” explores three slices of Louisiana through evocative black and white photographs that suggest the true soul of a region whose landscapes have shaped the culture of her people—their livelihoods, food, art and music—for centuries.


BEV COATES is a Louisiana native having spent most of her life in Baton Rouge. She graduated from Louisiana State University where she received a degree in liberal arts. Long interested in photography, her love of fine art photography started around 2000 and has grown steadily. Bev is largely, but not exclusively, a landscape photographer with the whole world as her inspiration. Participating in numerous juried exhibits, Beverly has won a number of awards. Her husband, Dudley, and she live in Baton Rouge.

 DEDE LUSK’s love of photography began as a child in the small Louisiana town of Clinton. Here she captured pictures with her precious Brownie box camera and had them developed at her grandfather’s drugstore. After graduating from Louisiana State University, working, and raising a family, Dede began to pursue her interest in photography seriously. In 1999, she attended the first of many photography workshops, studying with noted teachers of fine art photography and learning to master the art of digitally capturing and printing images in black and white. Dede and her husband, Joel, live in Baton Rouge.

TONI GOSS’s casual interest in photography quickly developed into a passion after her younger daughter left the nest college-bound. Digital photography was fairly new when Toni began her studies, and she quickly embraced the digital age. Studying with a number of respected contemporary fine art photographers in workshops across the United States comprises her primary photographic education. Toni and Cary, her husband, are South Louisiana transplants, living in Baton Rouge.

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