Photo printed on transparency film inside glass bottle.

Edition of One

3″ x 7.5″ x. 2.75″

$50 plus $5 shipping

I have always been drawn to container…so what happens when you put a photograph in a bottle? A book? A box? Something precious is held more closely, protected, questioned, and assigned value. The collaboration innately invites the viewer to an intimate conversation. Like a good marriage, the two partners join to produce something new and unexpected. These pairings of photographs and containers evolved in a stream-of-consciousness process. They fell like my dreams, easy to decode on the exterior but with many possible layers of meaning. I invite you to the conversation, knowing that you bring your own container of ideas to the table. AS you engage your imagination and become my partner, new thoughts and dreams will be transported into the container that is our world. In the end, they cannot be contained. —Corinne Adams

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Corinne Adams’ work is in the permanent collections of MOCA GA (Atlanta), the Gregg Museum of Art (Raleigh, N.C.) and Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography and in private collections internationally. Co-founder of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, she is represented by Soho Myriad Inc. (Atlanta).

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