We all have secrets.

Places we never put our cameras –

and if we do – pictures we would never share.

We have secret “PERSONAL” folders on our hard drives. We have pictures from old relationships we want to delete – but we really never delete anything.

I want to see the pictures of those moments after the lights go out before you fall asleep.

I want to see the side of something you never would share.

I want to see a reject from your perfectly curated life.

I want to see a picture you took that was really hard to take.

I want to see a picture of a lie.

I want to see a picture you couldn’t show until the subject was gone or dead.

I want to see that picture you promised not to share.

I want to see a picture you cannot put your name on.

I want to see a picture of something you swear you didn’t see.

I want a picture that demands an apology.

I want a picture that instantly brings you to tears.

I want a picture that does not belong in grandpa’s barn without a cover on it


Entry Deadline January 10th

Notification January 20th

Exhibition March 1 – April 15th

Workshop and Artist’s Reception April 6th

The photos will hang without the photographers names beside them. The photographers will be listed on a separate wall of the exhibition instead. Each photograph will be covered with black cloth, which the viewer will lift to see the image. On the back of each photograph will be a sealed envelope. Inside will be a story, or a definition, or an explanation of the Secret in the photograph. Only the person purchasing the photograph will be permitted to read the narrative.


An Interview with George Lange

Nancy: How did you get from there to here?

George: I have been photographing almost everyday since I was 7. For me, photography is as intuitive as making toast. Yet, everyday….EVERYDAY I pick up my camera and expect from myself Alexey Brodvitch’s admonition to, “astonish me!”

Photographed right through high school (newspaper…yearbook)

Got a BFA from RISD – went to NY and assisted Annie Leibovitz.

©George Lange





My first assignment was on Bread & Puppet Theater for GEO magazine.  I shot for 90 days and only got the pictures I needed in the last ten minutes as the sunset on a frigid northern Vermont night.  But I did get the cover and it did launch my career.

©George Lange






Went to magazines in NY. They told me they would put me on their “try to use” list.  I told them I would not leave their office without an assignment. I got work.  Would go to the top of the Conde Nast building then go down the interior steps and stop at every magazine. By the time I landed in the lobby I always had some work.

I shot for every magazine.  NYT.  Fortune.  Vogue. HG. Allure. Vanity Fair.  Sports Illustrated.

©George Lange






Moved to LA in the 90’s. Shot a ton of celebs.  Teen People.  Entertainment Weekly.  Lots of ad campaigns for Seinfeld, Jim Carrey movies, Flintstones, Little Rascals.    Shot many, many TV shows – Frazier, That 70’s Show, ER, Ellen….lots of shows.



©George Lange









Shot the only shot of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together.  They wanted to kill each other and kept checking each other out in-between clicks.  “You will never beat me at anything” Gates told Jobs on those steps in 1991.






©George Lange







Shot Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffet dressing up as each other.








©George Lange

Thought a room that was furry hot pink would suit Dennis Rodman well.







©George Lange

The most elegant woman I ever shot – hands down – was Sophia Loren. We shot in an Italian Villa (in Beverly Hills). She came alone, wrapped herself in a towel, got a class of wine and did her own hair and makeup.  She then put on a wonderful Todd Oldham dress, and at my suggestion, strapped on a leaf blower and did some yard work.

Honestly Nancy,  this is just a really fun run.

My job is to humanize people and show how we are all connected.

I don’t have a real style – I have a sensibility.  I shoot really fast. I change my mind all the time at shoots.  Fast and honest. People think my pictures somehow capture who they are – despite not usually being the most glamorous shots of them ever.

I know when to speak up and direct a subject – and I know when to just shut up and let the thing unfold.

When I was shooting Pete Seeger or Stevie Wonder I asked them to sing for me.

©George Lange

When I was shooting Jim Carrey – I would let him work through all the moves and faces he is famous for – the white keys….   Then I would let it him play the black keys – which was what I was interested in. Shooting Jim was more like lighting a can of gasoline than fine tuning any details on the set

©George Lange

I grew up a good liberal and since my job was glorifying people – I didn’t photograph Republican politicians.  I did have a long run with Glenn Beck – but I stuck to my politics and he respected that.

So I shot in NY – then LA – then moved back to NY right after 9/11.  I started shooting a lot of brand stories for IBM and HP and Cardinal Health.  It was amazing how much they let me explore and tell the most human stories. 

©George Lange




I had to shoot how IBM got apples from South Africa to Rome.  I shot the apple growers in Cape Town throwing the apples into the clearest most beautiful blue sky










©George Lange


– the old mafia guy at the Campo Di Fiori market in Rome catching the apples from the sky.














I shot latex glove factories in Thailand – while stopping on the way to the factory to shoot the kids in the school year – then ate lunch with the pregnant workers at the factory who were all given much easier work.  You hear about all the horrible ways big companies treat employees in third world countries. The good stories get lost.

I am asked all the time, “Who is the most amazing person you have ever met?” “What is the greatest picture you have ever taken?” Every time I give the same answer. YOU are the most amazing person I have ever met, and the picture we are about to take is the most amazing picture I have ever taken.

I live in the moment. My pictures are my memories.  I dig into the stories that move me, your stories. The story of your company. Your family. My stories. The stories from my community. My work is about how we are all connected. What makes us special. My work is as much about listening as seeing. I use all of my senses to take pictures. Pictures only taken with your eyes ia like eating something you can only see and never taste. I take pictures you can taste. And smell. And feel.

I am a storyteller. I am working my way from the inside out. I want you to look at my pictures and say, “I know that feeling.” “That is me.” I want you to say, “That is how I feel.” The pictures take the simplest moments and elevate them to timeless.

I can’t remember how it all happened. I can’t even believe it all happened.


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