Call for Entries

 Black and White Photography Now

curated by Mark Steinmetz

Greater Atlanta 20 ©Mark Steinmetz

I am open to a wide array of approaches and subjects, but am specifically interested in work that feels “modern” rather than anachronistic. What kind of work can be made in the medium of b/w photography that in some way reflects and clarifies for us the world we live in now?

-Mark Steinmetz

Call Opens: October 7, 2017
Deadline for $30/3: November 5th, 2017
Deadline for $40/3: November 15th, 2017
Notification: January 1, 2018
Framed work due: February 1st
 Show hangs: February 17th – March 28th
Please send images to, Subject line: B/W NOW entry
72dpi, 1000 on longest side, jpeg only
File name: your last name, your first name, title of work
Example: mccrarynancy bigredhouse
Click here for $40/3 (11/6 through 11/15)
Click Here for additional images $10 each.
** Mark Steinmetz will lead a workshop and there will be an artist’s weekend – details to come.
Thank you!


  1. Fred Strobel

    No details on submission. Older page I bookmark says access denied.

    • south x southeast shop

      HI, Fred,

      Thanks for letting me know! My sxseexhibitions site was hacked last week and had to be taken down. I haven’t had time to rebuild so I built a page on I was so upset when I was doing it I left off a few things!! I just added where to send the images – again, thank you!!

    • south x southeast shop

      thank you, fred. Old site was hacked last week and had to be taken down. When building this one in haste I forgot a few things!! again, thank you!

    • south x southeast shop

      thank you, fred. old site was hacked and had to be taken down. In a rush I built this page on sxseshop and forgot to add that! is where to send the images. Thank you!!!

  2. Marcia Fisher

    I can’t find the requirements for entry aside from the cost.

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