Two global challenges consume my thoughts here lately – the pandemic that feels like the new normal, and the rapidly encroaching reality of climate change. We find ourselves stressed, scared, stunned, and in need of psychological and emotional comforts on more days than not. 

I am lucky to be surrounded by nature on a daily basis. But, now more than ever, I find myself inextricably drawn to it. I seek it out, even in the little corner of my world. Watching as the clouds form shadows on the fields, or the neighbor’s cows graze in the summer heat. I”m particularly protective of the bee hive in the old cedar tree in my yard. I plant more and more flowers, and leave part of my slice of watermelon for them on dry days. Simple pastorals I no longer take for granted. 

There’s a lot to be worried about it seems, but I’m mostly worried we aren’t paying attention to the one thing that makes everything else possible – Mother Nature. Our Earth. The big blue orb that so generously gives and gives and gives.

So, this Call for Entry is about Flora & Fauna. What we as humans cannot destroy and then recreate. The plants and animals we cannot live without yet we often treat so cavalierly. Let’s remind ourselves of their gifts. Because Earth is our host, we are merely the guests. And it’s time we started behaving better.

The December/January issue of South x Southeast magazine will be devoted to Mother Nature. And 10 photographers from this show will be featured in this issue.

The exhibition will also hang on the walls of the gallery, and on the gallery website during the months of December and January. All work will be for sale.

An honest-to-God in-person reception will be held in early January! Suitable hot beverages and nosh will be provided. And if it’s still necessary, masks and social distancing will be mandatory and enforced.

So, let’s put on a show of your incredible images of the flora and fauna that sustain us.

I can’t wait to see them!

-Nancy McCrary

Creatures Threatened by Climate Change. Tiger Tracks in the Sundarbans and Emperor Penguins on Snow Hill Island ©Lynne Buchanan


All photographers aged 18 and over are welcome to enter.

All photographic processes are eligible.


Call Opens: September 3rd

Call Deadline: October 4th

Notifications will be sent by October 15th

Framed work must be received at the gallery by November 20th

The exhibition will be held December, 2020 & January, 2021

SxSE Gallery

Molena, Ga.



10 photographers will grace the online pages of South x Southeast magazine December/January issue


To Enter…

Please follow these directions exactly to send your entry via email to

  1. subject line: Flora & Fauna
  2. file name: your last name your first name title of image
  3. images should be jpeg only.
  4. 72 dpi, 1000 on the longest side
  5. all Images should be zipped into one file – do not drag images one at a time into the body of the email, thank you!
  6. pay for entry (see below)
  7. Send the email



$30 for 3 images. Click here.

Additional images are $10 each. Click here.

Questions? e

Featured image: Okefenokee Swamp ©Lucie Langford Canfield