• Call to Enter
  • Everybody In!
  • Black & White : Open Call
  • curated by
  • Nancy McCrary
  • On the Walls and Online
  • December/January
  • 30 images will grace the walls of the bricks and mortar gallery
  • and the online gallery 
  • Crystal Web ©Lucie Langford Canfield

 Black and White was my first love. And who forgets their first love? Don’t we all look at the world through those eyes still, to a certain extent? 

     I want to see your evocative images; the images that can take people back to a time, a space, a person, a moment. All genres, all processes, all Black and White. 

     And, if there’s a story behind the image you think we all need to know, please share it in 500 words or less along with your entry.

-Nancy McCrary


Nancy McCrary is the Founding Editor and Publisher of South x Southeast Magazine, an online magazine based on fine art photography. She is the Director of South x Southeast PhotoGallery, and the Director of South x Southeast PhotoWorkshops. South x Southeast was founded in 2011. She has worked in niche magazines since 1990 and reviews portfolios privately and for photo festivals. She was co-director of SlowExposures Photo Festival from 2004 – 2012. She resides on her fourth generation family farm which houses South x Southeast Photo Gallery.






To Enter…

Please follow these directions exactly to send your entry via email to nancy@sxsemagazine.com

  1. subject line: Everybody In!
  2. file name on each image: your last name your first name title of image – example: mccrarynancybigredhouse
  3. images should be 72 dpi, 1000 on the longest side, jpeg only
  4. Please zip all images into a file and attach the file to the email.
  5. pay for entry (see below)
  6. Send the email


$30 for 3 images. Click here.

Additional images are $10 each. Click here.

Questions? e nancy@sxsemagazine.com